Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's 2am

And I can't sleep.

Yesterday (April 1) I got an all-time high in the number of hits on my site in a day - over 160!

Could be because I had really big news and teased the crap out of it - usually I've been averaging about 40-50 hits per day, which is better then when my site first when up.

Slowly and steady I'll draw in more readers, hopefully.

I hate 2am. Especially when I can't sleep because I'm coughing so hard. You forget one dose of your allergy med, and you're up all night ranting and raving and can only sleep an hour at a time because of the coughing. RAR.

I'm so sleepy. I may break down and do the dreaded and forbidden cough syrup - if I even HAVE any.

Oh, and Chris - they still MAKE they Nyquil stuff, I'm pretty sure, they just keep it behind the pharmacy counter and only let you buy a bottle at a time, I think. I'm not an expert - I just live at the pharmacy, so I've seen it. You can ask.

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Chris S. said...

By the way, I read your blog with Google Reader, so I don't know if those hits show up on your blog.

Oh, and I'm having trouble reading all your posts. Goodness you write a lot!

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