Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hmmm, Maybe

Maybe why I haven't been able to stay awake is because I haven't been taking my iron - I swear, I am so stupid sometimes. I am chronically anemic and have no iron stores so if I don't take the iron bad things (like sleeping all day) tend to happen. Hahahaha

I hadn't noticed I wasn't taking my iron until my mom asked me if I was - and then I remembered it's in my lunch meds, and no, I haven't been taking them because, WOW, um, that weight loss stuff.

So now I am taking my iron again and hopefully the blood flow will return to my body, I will stay awake and be able to keep a body temperature above 50 degrees without being cuddled up in bed.

And things are coming together for my costumes for the showcase - I guess I need to try them all on and sew what needs to be sewn, etc, but that would take time and energy - two things I lack.

Oh well.

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