Saturday, April 12, 2008


Things that have made me feel a little better (or a lot better for a short period of time):

*This sentence from a comment I got: "You'll make it. Let me know if you need me to drive to Madison and kick you. " That made me smile.

*Ashley and the awesome custard thingy and the bread and the great stories she tells.

*Sarah and the talking.

Things that have not helped in any way:

*The fact that it is snowing today and I have to go to dance, something I no longer enjoy.

*My mother wondering "what is wrong" with me, and asking me if I'm "Just being manipulative so she'll come clean my place" and then she adds, "Because you know you do that." SO FUCKING NOT HELPFUL. Where was my Dad? He should be monitoring all conversations with the fragile daughter and stop my mother from saying shit like that.

*The fact that I have to get my ass into the shower, put on makeup, a costume, take my other costume with me (don't forget a bra or you're fucking screwed) and go to dance. Can't I just sleep??? PLEASE???

*Oh, and if we are missing ANYONE at this dress rehearsal I will fucking lose my shit and spontaneously combust and they will have to find a new vice captain - maybe they'll find one who gives a damn. Maybe someday I'll care again, but not anytime soon.

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