Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Afternoon Thinklings

* Boys are so silly! Hahahaha. My friend and I are reading "Can this Marriage be Saved" and typing back and forth comments about the articles. I said to her "Boys are soooo silly" and she replied, "That's generous. I still go for 'dumb.'" This is fun for me.

* Felicity may be one of the best shows ever made. I'm watching season one, and it's just perfect. I know I loved this show in middle school - but I didn't get the lessons in it until now. It's just great.

* Someone suggested this to me:
"To cheer yourself up in the hospital (and entertain us who read your blog), you should play a little game and keep the results tallied on your blog. For example, in my CF hospital there are tons of med students/interns. And many of them are nice looking young men. Maybe you could keep count of how many attractive doctors/interns/male nurses/med students you can get to give you a hug while you're there. You know, hone your flirting skills, make up silly excuses like you have a itch on your back you can't reach, then go in for the hug... I think it would be fun!"

I am usually too busy pissing them off to get a hug - plus the hugs in gown, mask and gloves just aren't fun, haha. Do you think I should try it???


mjdav said...

You go girl!

Chris S. said...


Waiting For Ling-Ling said...

Actually sounds like good "clean" fun in your gown and gloves....LOL...good to "read" you sounding so upbeat!

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