Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday I GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER! Not that it won't fall apart again soon, but I did it! I did the showcase and we were amazing and I had so much fun and I had a brilliant talk with my Sarah Lynn. I stayed awake from NINE THIRTY in the morning until ONE in the morning. CRAZY! Of course I need to crash now for several hours, before more dancing this evening, but that's okay.

Yesterday I was able to do my hair and makeup and dance and be social and take lots of pictures and the nagging feeling wasn't there so much. I was focused on the performance.

And today I went to brunch. It was good. Not onto the thinklings I have about the past couple days.

* I think all these nice things about people, but I never tell them. My new goal is to tell people more of the nice things I think about them because they should know.

* Sarah Lynn is my soul mate. We've been friends for about 16 years - that's a LONG time when you are only 21.

* Sarah and I were talking about the commitment issue that has been talked about a lot on my blog. People have weighed in and voiced their opinions. Lots of opinions. Anyways - Sarah pointed out that being my friend is no less painful than if we were in a relationship. A friendship is a commitment too. And she is brilliant.

* I know lots of pretty people :-) And the photos from the showcase turned out more brilliantly than I could have hoped for. Hoping to get more brilliant pictures this evening - and then make another montage, because I needed more photos of me with people. I keep using the same ones over and over.

*I'm finally a little excited about the CF walk, but I'm really going to need the help of my friends (It's how I get by - 10 points to those who catch that reference), to meet the goal of the team!!!
Currently we're in 5th place - and it needs to STAY that way. I think we have about $400 that hasn't been turned into the office yet, and another near $200 that got mixed up, so we should be getting closer every day - I just really need those $5 donations from everyone! I'll work on that more this week.

Now it's nap until I have to get up and go dance time.

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Chris S. said...

Woo hoo for Carla! : )

I didn't get to dance with you tonight. I don't get to dance with you often enough, actually.

Anyway, I'm so glad you had a good day! Good for you!

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