Friday, April 25, 2008

I don't need fixing 2.0

I don't need fixing. Can't anyone be with me and just let me be me and accept that I have to do certain things to stay healthy (like treat it as a full-time job)? Why is this such a hard concept?

Being my friend isn't easy either - are girls (and Chris S.) just better people in general? Is it the motherly-ness that allows them to love me despite being sick? Sarah Lynn put it best "Being your friend doesn't hurt any less." Take it from a girl who knows - we've been friends since kindergarten and she was there through elementary and middle school to tell me to eat my lunch - and she would tell my mom when I wasn't eating my lunch. She's a great best friend. The best best friend.

Everyone but Keaton is allowed to comment here - I already got your opinion and I didn't like it. Let's get some others.

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Chris S. said...

RESPECT! That's what it is!

I like to think I'm learning to be a feminist. In our culture, it's HARD not to be sexist, racist, and lots of other -ists. (Disablist?)

Anyway, learning to respect others is hard, and with our culture telling us women are objects and should fit some stupid mold is what makes it different. Women probalby respect other women more than men respect women. One of my favorite bumper stickers says, "Feminism is the radical idea that women are people." People deserve respect!

I respect you. That's why your CF doesn't matter to me. Anyone who gives you some bullshit answer about you CF getting in the way of friendship or more is full of, well, bullshit! ARG!

Okay, I should stop being pissed.

Maybe I'm different because I had a disease at one time. Maybe I see that anyone could suddenly die for no reason. Life is a roll of the dice, and avoiding someone because they think you might die (You might not! They don't know that you will! Nobody does!), is just stupid because ANYONE could up and die any moment.

It's like this episode of the X-Files. This guy could see the future, but he could never do anything about it, so he just sat around doing nothing because it was too depressing. These people who avoid you go around thinking they know what will happen, and they avoid those things. It's a false prognostication.

Okay, I must be in rant mode or something. Sorry!

I really care about you, and there are other people who do too. Part of that is respect. Part of that is your just awesome and fun. I wish more people would just let it be that way!

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