Sunday, April 20, 2008

Evening Thinklings

* Do I really have to dance this week??? Answer: not if they put me in the hospital I don't.

* Do I really feel sick in any physical way? Answer: let's wait until tomorrow to answer that. I haven't decided yet.

* What would I do in the hospital without Colonel Debugger??? (yes, that's the name I gave to my laptop when it was new. If you're super nerdy, you might get it)

* I wish facebook had the power to read minds. Then I would know what's REALLY going on. Then maybe this confusion and bitterness would go away. Just own up, man.

* Depression is easiest to fight when I'm around people who distract me from it. I did surprisingly well this weekend.

* I think I need to sleep for about three days to get over this exhaustion, however. But it's going to be nice tomorrow. So I'll sleep on the front lawn.

* Really boys, do you have to be SO dumb about ALL things???


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a boy, but 37 years of living have taught me that, yes, they really to have to be SO dumb about everything.

They can't help it really. Poor things.


Chris S. said...

I'm a boy, and they are dumb. Of course, you knew I thought that.

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