Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So I was looking up statutes and information on sexual assault the other day.

Two years ago I took a case to my hometown police officers, and they told me that "Being creepy isn't a crime." I was pretty devastated because I was sure what had happened to me was a crime, as were the rest of the people in the town. He ended up losing his job and he didn't know it was me (until possibly now, Internet). And I thought I was okay with him just losing his job, because as far as I know he hasn't been able to get another one in the same field he was in, so fine.

Until I was reading these statutes for a friend - to see if her experience was indeed assault - which it was. I was reading one page - the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault - and that's the page that really drove home that what he did to me was a crime and the police in my hometown were dead wrong. Way to go, Hometown police.

Now the ironic thing was I was looking at this page, stunned, remembering what happened to me, and I look up at the banner. There are four pictures - the three cliché ones: A farm, a lake, and an overhead view of downtown Milwaukee. It's the fourth photo that nearly knocks me out of my chair. It's the clock out front of Armbruster's Jewlery in my hometown. And it sends me right back to where I grew up.

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Anonymous said...

This is the same police force that told me someone keying "DIE DYKE" into my car wasn't a hate crime and said I could "file a report" but "without any witnesses" I "should probably forget about it."


(delayed comment- sorry- catching up on your blog :) )

-B. B.

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