Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

So I have finally figured out how to post more than 5 photos in one post... It was easy, but now I know that you have to upload them backwards-ish. So these are totally out of order.

Kyra, Chris and I went to the zoo today. Great Place, the zoo - and I had never been to the one here. Right. Getting on those things I should do now that I've lived here 3 years. Enjoy the Zoo photos :-)

I enjoyed this one, since we thought about taking my wheelchair for a second, but I am healthy enough to walk the zoo! Yay for walking the zoo! Yay for wheelchairs on a steep hill!!
Giraffes!!! Yay!
I'd never been this close to an ostrich before.
OMG... no zoom, the thing was just THIS. CLOSE.

Newlyweds at the Zoo - and look! They match!!!

I'd never been this close to a flamingo before!!!

Black Bear, Black Bear, what do you see???

A Fun Day At The Zoo!!!

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Gizela said...

Stunning zoo pic's!
Giraffes are my favourite animals! Thanks for that.
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