Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today and Tomorrow and the Next Day

Today I had my sinuses sucked out. It was AWESOME. Of course, the upper sinuses cannot be suctioned in clinic - don't ask me why, I have a high pain tolerance - today didn't even hurt. Dr. ENT said, "Hold on I know this really hurts!" and I was, "Um, is it supposed to?" I thought it felt really good. So there's that.

My other obsession of the day (besides Grey's Anatomy) is the cocaine nasal spray. Wow that felt good, and now I know why people get addicted to drugs. If I knew how to get a hold of cocaine I would make my own nasal spray it helped that much. I was in NO pain. It was sweet. I can't wait to go back in two weeks and have it done again.

I also went to the pharmacy, and I had them order and fill ALL my prescriptions. I can't wait to take photos of the big-ass amount of drugs I haul out of there tomorrow. Photos will be posted.

A little over two weeks until I leave for where? Oh, yeah! Europe! My dad told me the first day we're going to Giti's house for lunch after we arrive. Our plane lands around 8am their time, so after customs and getting the bags and the car it'll be around 11, so we should arrive near Nurnberg around1pm, and Giti said just in time for Mit Tag Essen!!!!

MIT TAG ESSEN!!! So my memories of Europe when I was 10 TOTALLY include the first meal we ate when we arrived at Giti's. I'm sooo excited for that meal that when Dad told me over the phone I nearly cried! KLUSA (let's pretend that's spelled correctly)!!! Aka, BIG FREAKING AWESOME DUMPLINGS. This woman REALLY knows how to cook. Everyone in Europe knows how to cook, except the British, but we're not going to England this time.

Germany Germany Germany!
Italy Italy Italy!

The places where I've had the best food ever!
I'm going to gain so much weight!

It's going to be the best time ever!
Even if I can't walk and get really fat!

Germany Germany Germany!
Italy Italy Italy!

...that's my little Germany/Italy song.

And that's pretty much all that's going to be in my head after Saturday. Until Saturday I am singing the Chris and Kyra are getting Married song!

And I thought this quote totally fit how I feel about their wedding.

"Oh, I get it! My wedding is all about you."

Well not really, but before that, in the show Meredith went on and one about how Christina has to get married b/c her getting married will renew Meredith's faith that "people like us" can get married. Totally.

I'm so excited for the wedding :-) Last night hanging out at Chris and Kyra's was fun (Their blog is linked on the left- The best couple ever), and I can't WAIT to see Kyra's finished dress!!! And the bouquets! And the reception! And Oh, I love Weddings!!! :-)

Tonight I'm cooking out with people at someone's house (yesh, I love shpecifics), and then we're going to watch a show. Good times.

MIT TAG ESSEN!!!! (which may actually be one word - you know those Germans)


Chris S. said...

You're so sweet!

The dress is still in progress! I hope it's done by tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Yep, it is one word. Das Mittagessen. :-) Just in case you were curious. Have a blast in Europe!


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