Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hospital, Day 9

Today is day 9 in the hospital, and is also Mothers' Day. I spent Friday, Saturday and this morning focused on my family. My whole family was here - my brother came down to surprise Mom for Mothers' Day, and my dad came down too. I even got to see Snowball, but I don't have photos of that.

Friday Mom washed my hair in the sink in the bathing room on the floor. I just couldn't stand to take a shower in the dirty gerbil cage. It's the water that smells like that, not the hospital room, so I'm screwed. I did shower today before we went for our Mothers' Day lunch in the cafeteria.

What a great way for my mom to spend Mothers' Day - now that our lovely cafeteria lunch is over, my dad went home and took the dog with him, my brother went back to school, and I'm here in the hospital so she is at my place all alone. She offered to come back if I needed her, and I told her I didn't - but maybe I should have. Maybe my mother shouldn't be alone on Mothers' Day.

I showed her the montage I made her - and since she doesn't know how computers work or how easy anything is to put together, she was amazed that I had all those photos on my computer. Most of them were actually stored at - which is awesome because then you don't have to scan them multiple time, and I could access them to use them here in the hospital. It was cool.

Here is a photo of the goodies in the box Tami sent me (sans one pair of socks and the candy):

I love the notebook that says "it's all about me. Deal with it" because I've loved Happy Bunny since I discovered him back in high school - for awhile I was obsessed. I also love the squishy ball. I've seen them in stores and wanted to buy one because they fascinate me- and I got one in a box! :-)

Today is Mothers' Day and the girl across the hall is insisting that I go with her to help her release a Mothers' Day balloon and card into the sky. Now, this is normally the type of thing I would do for someone - hold their hand as they send their final words up to their mother who has just died. But because it is the girl across the hall, I just don't want to. Maybe I am a terrible person who should support this girl because she doesn't have much going for her, but I don't feel like it.

It may make me a horrible person, but I'm going to watch The West Wing and work on my book. I had so much stress before I entered the hospital, I just don't want to deal with anything real. This is my escape.

Happy Mothers' Day!

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Chris S. said...

There are times when we need to focus on ourselves, and requests of others do not need to be fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with saying "no."

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