Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It's amazing how one person can make you doubt yourself. One person you have never met, one person who really knows nothing about you can decide to judge what you write about yourself on the internet and make you doubt yourself.

I've decided that Toni is done commenting here. From now on all her comments will be deleted. I have decided not to moderate comments and I no longer want anything to do with her, so I will delete comments as I find them (they are all emailed to me). SO, if you see anything she has written feel free to comment or ignore it, whatever. I will ignore it and then delete it.

The debate whether my mental issues are real or not is OVER. Way more than over. No one else is going to be allowed to doubt me either.

I will shut you down so fast you won't know what happened.



Kyra C. said...


Don't you dare stop blogging. Ignore random idiots. This blog is yours. Its here for you! Y-O-U. Of course you write about the tough, depressing stuff that goes on in your life. Its way more cathartic to write about! Duh! Who needs help dealing with the easy, happy, makes-you-wanna-sing stuff? As much as I keep up with my blog, I mostly write about the crappy stuff about being pregnant, even thought I love it and am excited about being a mother. It just feels sooo much better to release the negative somewhere so I can get on with the positive. How else are you supposed to do it? You are a wonderful person who simply has found a healthy outlet for dealing with the huge amount of crap in your life. Don't EVER let anyone make you doubt youself.

Gizela said...

I like the way you think Carla,
don't let anybody stop you!
I'm so jealous of your trip...wish I can go too!
Love from SA!

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