Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I did walking today. Ashley and I walked. We shopped. Walking was hard. This is making me nervous for Europe. Am I going to see everything from my wheel chair? If I do, is that okay with me? I'm not sure. I guess I'll find out.

Wow... those were some really great short sentences.

I don't know how I feel about all this. I know how excited I am for Europe. I've always wanted to see Italy, and I'm excited to go back to Germany - but what is this trip going to do to my health? I don't really care what it does to my health, because it's my dream trip.

Well, I do care. I still want to be able to dance (which is in jeopardy - I really wish we'd start practice again so I could do something physical that's not as hard as walking. I don't know why dancing is easier, it just is).

I don't really know how I feel, but I'll probably let you know when I figure it out.

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Matt Todd said...

Have you ever done a 6 minute walk test? Perhaps having some supplemental oxygen would be helpful for you at times like this when your pfts are down. I know being on oxygen sucks, but for me, as much as i hate to admit it, i think it has been beneficial. Another thing to think about if you don't already have one is a handicapped permit. I have one and it has sure made things a lot easier for me so i don't have to walk from the back of a parking lot.

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