Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It WORKS! & Thinklings

Twitter Works!!! But tonight I have too many thoughts to Twitter them all. I still have to try texting to Twitter to see if it works - that's my plan for Italy - to Twitter more things than do big posts. Hopefully I will post a photo a day, though. We'll see.


* Why do they let the IV pole for the guy next door beep for an hour, and then when they find him say things like "This is why we have to restrain you at night!" and "We need to clean up all this blood"??? This indicates to me that he pulled out his line and was sitting there bleeding for an hour. Did no one notice that his pole was beeping??? My nurse was here TWICE and his door was open because I could hear the pole beeping!!! What is wrong with this place???

* "He would have been a really good boyfriend had he not been so depressed and had he not been so weird." Said by me about an ex. Ranting with Rachel is the best thing ever.

* Let's hope for sleep ;-)

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Chris S. said...

Twitter works, but only with JavaScript enabled for There may be a safer way to do this, if you'd like to try it.

On Twitter, you have an RSS feed. Here's the location:

If you copy that link, go to Layout, click "Add Element", then scroll down to the "Feed" element. Add the URL above. Compare the two and see which you like more.

Additionally, if you're interested in blogging from you phone, you can enable the Mail-to-Blogger Address, which enables you to email anything to your blog from anywhere, using your phone or email. The subject line becomes the post title, and the text becomes the post text. To enable it, go to Settings, then Email, then type in something in the Mail-to-Blogger field. Don't share this email. If you want to post automatically, select "Publish immediately," otherwise, select the other one and you can edit the entry before publishing it.

I believe you can send photos to your blog this way. I may test this feature today with the ultrasound results, so watch your email!

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