Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reverting to old Habits

Old habits die hard. When I got bored, I immediately wandered on over to to try and finish reading all of the archives. Like I've said before - I will be tragically sad when I finish. Hopefully she is a blogger like me - one who updates many times a day so as not to disappoint.

This is probably my favorite entry ever

I especially LOVE this paragraph, because Heather Armstrong laid out all my hopes and dreams in one paragraph:

"But last night was filled with such joy, such brilliant, tingling happiness, the kind of experience that is so fulfilling that you want everyone you know to go through something like it. And so today I would tell my friend, look, you need to go out, find some guy who loves the way you look in the morning, can forgive you when you lose your shit, thinks that the smell of your neck is better than a football game, and then take that guy and have a lot of grueling sex, over and over and over again, so much that when you roll over next to him with your voluptuous naked body he's all NOT AGAIN, IT WOULD TAKE AN ACT OF GOD, WOMAN, and then four years later you'll get to watch your kid waddle around the neighborhood going, "Bawk! Bawk!" You will not regret it."

That's what I want in life. First, I want Carla's Drug to go through trials and work and make me better. I want to publish my book and maybe become a writer, but what I really want is my MRS. degree.

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