Wednesday, May 21, 2008


To the CFer who keeps commenting here and stating his/her opinion on how I don't know how to live my life... stop reading my blog.

This was a fun comment:

"I never get post-hospital depression. Usually when I am out of the hospital, I'm a bit overjoyed to be honest. My hospital IS structured. Don't act like your hospital and life are so different from mine. Essentially we are the same people except I know how to deal with life and you don't. "

Yes, I am overjoyed too... and then I'm overwhelmed for a couple days. Fuck you. We are NOT the same people. If you also suffer clinical depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia, and diabetes then you can tell me we are the same.

Also, I don't go around telling people how horrible they are at living their lives.

And this blog is a glimpse into my life. A glimpse on how I deal with my CF and various other bullshit that I deal with. Usually I don't tell you how often I stand in my kitchen and dance and sing at the top of my lungs. I don't tell you about how much I enjoy driving in my car with the sunroof open singing to a mix my brother made. I don't talk about the skipping or all the dancing I do in my own home. I don't talk about how much I really love life. Maybe I should. Maybe you would shut the fuck up, evil CF commenter.


Chris S. said...

Transitions are always difficult, especially when moving from a very structured environment to an unstructured one, as you pointed out. Perhaps the reader in question is pampered by those that take care of him/her and he/she is given structure all the time. Unfortunately, that results in someone who lacks responsibility, consideration, and independence.

I'm proud of you Carla. Don't let such fools ruin your day.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Hannah Montana: "Life's what you make it."

Lets see how many more conditions you can list... The pity factor is rising and rising. Maybe you should just tell us about dancing and singing and happiness instead of complaints and sadness. You are the one making your life seem so bad. If you would just stop looking at all the negativity and focusing on all of the bad, then it would not be so irritating.

Amanda said...

I think somehow the above commenter builds him-/herself up a little by making you feel bad. To seek someone out and purposefully and continually beat them down by making cruel comments--over and over again--is just plain malicious.

Whether or not Carla lives her life "the right way" according to any of us, constantly insulting her is nothing but selfish, immature, and cruel.

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