Saturday, May 31, 2008

Go Ahead and Ask

Sometimes I don't like when people ask me how I am. Not the people who know me really well and know about my CF - they actually care and I feel comfortable saying, "Well I was just in the hospital and I feel really shitty," or "Maybe I'll have to have IVs soon," or my favorite, "Well, I'm alive." It's the casual friends who don't really get my CF that I have a hard time answering that question for. I say, "I'm fine," "I'm okay," or "I'm good." And no matter how I feel I may give you any of those three answers. So usually it doesn't matter when acquaintances ask, because I don't really give a real answer.

But today? Today, you can go ahead and ask because I am Fan-Fucking-Tastic!!!

Today? How was my day? Fucking Fabulous.

I rolled out of bed this morning later than I had hoped, but I got up, and I showered. Those two things don't usually ever happen in the same day - the getting up at a specific time and the showering. But this morning they DID happen. And then I left my house around 9am - something that would usually not happen with those two other events (and my day keeps going on like this... so just keep in mind that in the last several months the getting up and the showering don't usually happen in the same day). I drove to pick up Chris and Kyra and we went to the farmers' market on the square. And we walked from the car to the square... and then we walked ALL THE WAY AROUND THE SQUARE! Stopping and shopping and talking and ...remember that the getting up and the showering thing? Yeah. I did both of those AND I walked around the Square. It's a big square.

THEN. Then we watched Kyra's preschoolers perform in the cutest preschooler performance ever, and then walked around and finally decided to go back to their place for a rest and to chill before going to a barbecue. THAT'S RIGHT... I had MORE things planned.

So I'm sitting on the ridiculously comfy couch in Chris and Kyra's place, and Chris is playing the piano. I sit there, close my eyes and it's so relaxing listening to him play, I think "wow, I should hire him to play for me more often," and the next thing I know it's an hour later and I'm waking up. Apparently Kyra and I had both conked out on the couch within the first five minutes of Chris playing.

Then we went to Holly's for a swim and food. Nice shindig, and we should definitely do it again. I volunteer her place for her at some later date this summer. I never actually got IN the pool, but I stuck my feet in. That was enough water for me, thank you.

Wait for this... after the barbecue - YES THERE'S AN AFTER THAT! This was already more than I had done in any one day - since, well let's just say I don't remember the last time I did this much. We once again returned to Chris and Kyra's and this time I didn't fall asleep. We got ready and went, um... where? Oh yes, DANCING.

I danced more than I have danced all semester. Most of the semester I attended every. single. dance. but there were nights I would go home after dancing only once. I don't even remember the number of dances I did, but I know they felt damn good.

And now, I am finally home at 11pm, having left here at 9am, and I barely remember a recent day in which I was AWAKE for more than 12 hours, let alone GOING for more than 12 hours.

I think that I will be in just perfect shape for Europe, and I couldn't be happier.

So tomorrow, feel free to ask me how I feel because I will tell you, "FABULOUS!!!"


Tabitha said...

So... I know exactly how you feel. I just went into the hospital for a bowel obstruction only to learn my doctor left and I had been transferred to her collegue (sp?) I had been on IV's for 3 months and nothing becoming of it... feeling like you said... the whole showering and waking up part not happening often... but I got new antibiotics and an appetite stimulant and then my family and went down to the pier in san fran and i did like all this walking that I would have never been able to do before... two days in a row! then we drove up to a new place and i some more walking because it was a boat drag thing where you go look at all the boats... then! the day after I actually walked around a mall and then the day after that we went to these cavern things and the 1st half is pretty level but the guide guy is like the 2nd half is 80 steps then 20 steps then 50 steps up then 250 down... and I did it! all without collasping....

So basically I wanted to share my over joyousness at being active and not dying too... because I think I know exactly how you feel... right when I read the words, "fan -fucking tastic" or whatever... cause its soooo true..


(i don't know how to say its me...)

Chris S. said...

Woo hoo!

We had fun too!

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