Sunday, May 4, 2008

Party on D6/5 and Day 2 in the Hospital, Number 1

So I found that one of my really good friends is also in. A friend I really like. A friend who is awesome and we get along really well. Now the only issue is how do I avoid an annoying friend and spend some time with the friend who doesn't drive me batty.

The friend that I adore is probably only going to be in a few days because she has finals - what a great time to get sick. I hope she does her finals okay and doesn't have to go down the Carla path - the drop all your classes because you ended up in the hospital path. She probably won't have to - if she's made it this far, she'll probably be fine.

Oh, and the friend who is annoying - her port stopped working. She'll probably have to have surgery to take it out and put in another. That's what I'm afraid of with my port - it doesn't get a blood return and it's not sewn in correctly and I just don't want to hear "we need to go in and fix it." Don't let them try and fix what ain't completely broken. Fluids still go through the port, so I'm keeping it.

My 8am treatment went well, but my noon treatment was hellish. I couldn't catch my breath and we had to stop. This is the sickest I've been in a long time - or ever. I woke up this morning and my pulse o2 was 87%, indicating I might need o2 at night - shit. But once I sat up and took a few deep breaths it came up and I stopped the panicking.

We'll see what pulmonary has to say tomorrow. Gen med is pushing me to leave early and do home IVs but the whole point is I want them to do everything for me. I want my four treatments a day and my IVs hung for me. I don't want to do the work because I am so worn out. Plus there's the heparin shortage. I don't want to chance it with my port and not have fluids running all the time. If a PICC clots off they can take it out and put in a new one... taking out a port is surgery. Putting in a new one is surgery. Surgery I don't have time to recover from before going to Italy.

I'm here because I'm worn out. Maybe I don't look worn out - but believe me I am. Today I feel sicker then yesterday. And all I really want to do is sleep - but I'm going to try and avoid a little afternoon nap - at least until I talk to my mom again.

This is my day so far.


Anonymous said...

hey hey
For a long time my port didn't give an bleed back but no one suggested it was broken, just "one of those things". I then went on a long haul flight and it magically started bleeding back for like a year. Now it's been annoying again and intermittantly bleeding back.
So just to let you know, just cos a port doesn't bleed back doesn't mean it's broken

Matt Todd said...

I wouldn't worry about the heparin "shortage." I think its more media hype than reality. I know i certainly haven't had any issue getting heparin and haven't heard of anyone having trouble getting it.

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