Monday, May 5, 2008

Hospital Update, Day 3 - Number 2.

Sarah B. and Eric came to visit. Good times.

I now have a pretty plant and coloring books! I have spent the last two hours watching Grey's and coloring. I am pretty much the world's best colorer - the champion of coloring, and my children (and probably Chris and Kyra's child) will also be champion colorers because I will teach them how.

Life is not too bad here. I have my favorite nurses taking care of me, and the worst thing I can complain about is they have to draw blood at 5am tomorrow to do another level, but hey, what's a little poke at 5am? They can do my treatment at 8 and I can roll over and go back to sleep if I'm not coughing too hard, so that's great.

Life is pretty tolerable, despite being in the hospital.

More photos tomorrow - probably of the plant (FAKE PLANT! My favorite kind!) and the coloring books and pages I have colored.

I love Sarah B. and Eric. Visiting with them was fun :-)


Cindy said...

So, I came on your blog today by a random string of events (I think I got here from Alice's blog?). I just had to pop over because of your title - I too am a CF dancer. I've been reading your recent posts and I have to say: I like you. :) I've spent the winter dealing with so many of these issues - the invisibility of CF, the exhaustion, and - oh yeah - the sheer annoyance of having people tell you that you're making too big a deal out of things and you should just chill out, already.

My issues are (obviously) different than yours, but many are also the same. Trying to keep dancing despite it all, for instance. Anyway. I've probably bored you to death with a way-too-long-comment. Just thought I'd say hello: it's always nice to find other CFers. Especially other CFers who blog and know how to spell.

Cindy said...

Oh yeah. I also know all about pissing off the doctors (and other hospital staff). My most recent stay (a few weeks ago) culminated in a fiery war with the attending physician. It was pretty intense.

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