Sunday, May 18, 2008

Post-Hospital Depression

So I have this post-hospital depression thing going on. It doesn't kick in until I realize that I'm going to be all alone again, and well, I hate that.

Today was Great Strides. We raised a ton of money, but it was so cold it wasn't very fun. Plus all that walking sucked. Royally sucked. I don't know what to do about Italy - I guess I have to practice walking???

This was the first year at the walk my whole team didn't stay together and I guess it bothered me.
I'm going back to my room to watch more TV (yeah, like a lot has changed since the hospital - still spending time in bed watching TV... except now I can't order my food - I have to get up and get it).



Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't been in the hospital for the last, (what was it, 12?) days. So, I can't claim post-hospital depression. But I do have a little Post Great Strides blah's going on.

We raised a ton, had mediocre weather, and had a lot of people show up to support us. So why have I been on the verge of tears, if not in tears since we got home?

I guess it's because of all those people, not the cf'ers or the cf families, but all the people who came to show their support and write thier checks. All those people got to go home feeling really good. They helped out a GREAT cause. They had a nice day at the zoo. They get to go to work tomorrow and talk about how nice it was. And they're done. They don't have to think about cf again until next year. We're sentenced to life with it.

Nice attitude, huh? Pardon my momentary self pity. It's nothing a good night's sleep won't cure. I just wanted to let you know that I thought about you at our walk, and that I checked in on you.

Hope tomorrow is better.


Anonymous said...

Jesus christ. Nothing makes you happy, like ever. Suck it up woman.

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