Sunday, May 11, 2008

The People at the Hospital

I love some of the people here.

RTs - some of the respiratory therapists are amazing. We talk and talk and talk. Some of them I have known for years. Like Sarah - she pulled me back from near death and helped me get my lungs back in shape. After my appendectomy she made me do the PEP valve - something that is normally way too easy for me. It was too hard and I didn't want to do it, but she coached me through it like I was in labor. And it took a long time, but my lungs came back.

I love most of the RCAPs - not official RTs yet, just assistants. Kirsta is one of my recent favorites. I've gotten along well with Lauren and Angie and Tim and Jason and Nathan and Joe and Kelly - to name a few.

The nurses - Sue and Deb are the best. I love Erin and Regan and Amanda and Jill. Those are the nurses I know the best. Lots of other nurses are very good. You get the occasional bad egg, but for the most part, the nurses are great.

The social worker - Damien. No words needed. He is just that awesome.

The NAs - Nursing assistants. Jeff is fun. And Justin is SUPER cute (I've only had him once... but I could tell through that mask and gown that he was INCREDIBLY attractive and most likely gay). I don't know most of the other NAs by name. But they are good, for the most part.

The desk clerk - if you know what you're doing and you ask in the correct tone of voice, you can get the desk clerk to help you faster. Unless it is Mark. Then you are better off to get out of bed and go find your nurse because Mark is eternally cranky.

The food service phone answerers - These people I don't know personally, but I can always tell things about them by the way they handle their calls. Linda and Rob hate their jobs. Linda has been around the longest, and therefore I think she has earned the right to not be polite anymore. She also looses the most dinners. Like honestly, if I would statistically study the amount of meals that get lost vs. the person who took the order, Linda would loose. If she takes my order and I don't get my food in a timely manner, I call back just to make sure she actually placed the order.

I just realized I haven't once mentioned a doctor yet. I think that's because some random doctor - not MY doctor - comes in once a day, listens to my lungs and then leaves. There is no conversation, nothing. The last doctor I liked was Dr. Green. No one will ever be as amazing as Dr. Green. I have been spoiled and therefore, I just don't like doctors.

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