Thursday, May 22, 2008

More on this, because it's not old or anything

Someday I'll give up... but now that I think I know who "Anonymous Carla Basher" is, I have a couple more things to say.

1) Thanks to those who defend me :-) It makes my inbox interesting to go through, and uplifting.
2) To Basher, who posted this and other things:

"And if you truly knew who I was, you would realize that even friends see how pitiful you are, and not only enemies. I know ENOUGH about you to back my judgments, so I don't feel bad saying them to you because you honestly do need to grow up and start dealing with your emotions better than you do.

-A former friend a.k.a. Justified Anonymous Carla Basher."

I only have so many friends with CF - most of whom I've met online and have never met in person. Most of whom I don't know. Most of whom don't know me, don't interact with me on a regular basis, and never really know me. There are a couple girls who I've talked to more, and a couple guys. Since three of the four people I'm thinking of have said they love my blog and I've talked to since this, I think I know who you are.

I know some CF people here in my town, but since I've seen all of them recently (at least the ones I care about), and I sincerely doubt that ANY of them would quote Hannah Montana. Seriously. Well, the guy I'm thinking about shouldn't be quoting her either, but whatever floats his boat. I don't know him either. I just met him online and talked to him on the phone.

I don't want to accuse the wrong person, so I won't. But it'd be really great if you would just own up to bashing me and then we can both move on with our lives.

But really - you give me all this to write about, and then you expect me to not provoke you? Are you kidding? This shit is golden. I get more comments on this crap then anything else I write about. You're the glue that holds me to my loyal readers - the ones who don't seem to think I have to fit a mold or be anyone but me.

And P.S. I never claim to represent all CFers - I have links to blogs of other CFers - I believe we all deal with this VERY differently, and I write about what it is honestly like. I don't do it for pity. I do it because what is the point in sugar coating the things that happen to me? There isn't one.

...oh, and if you're the person I think you are, I have some VERY choice words on how you live YOUR life, so don't even go there. Nah, actually I've pretty much ruled out the person I thought it was - so what the hell, WHO ARE YOU!?!?!


Chris S. said...

I'll tell you who it is, he or she is a coward. How spineless to leave such comments on here anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Not spineless. I knew she'd figure me out eventually, and I'm prepared to take the consequences.

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