Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Just Can't Wait to be King

"Everybody Look Left!
Everybody Look Right!
Every where you look
I'm standing spotlight!

Not Yet!"

It's so true. I have so many big plans. Big things I want to see and do!

I want to get my book published, first. Well, I should finish writing it first, but I also think maybe I should have an editor look at what I have before I finish.

Then my next goal is to get parent/child support groups for CF started here in Wisconsin.

Third, I want to help set up adult support groups for CF nation-wide. I know our CF group is working on it slowly but surely, but I want to be the one traveling and meeting people and helping to oversee the start-up of the group. I'd love to see all these cities in the US and help all the people with CF at the same time.

My last goal would be to oversee the start-up of CF support groups for kids and parents nation-wide.

Those are pretty much my life goals.

Right now my OCD tendencies are kicking up really bad. I called my parents crying because I have to see the nurse practitioner in July instead of actually seeing my doctor. And I couldn't stop obsessing about it. That's about the millionth thing I've obsessed about today. I like napping because it stops the obsessing.

Tomorrow will be good - I hope to pick up my jewelry, go to my CF group meeting, and maybe work on the dance team website.

Saturday looks like it will be busy too, which is okay with me. I like busy :-)

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