Friday, May 9, 2008

Pretty Things

I finally uploaded photos from Monday. The things Sarah and Eric brought me. Gimme a break; I had lots of Grey's to watch. And they keep me busy with those silly treatment things.

Here are the COLORING BOOKS!!! Here is my favorite, just because the title is awesome and very me:

I have yet to color in that one. I have colored a pink My Little Pony and a couple pages from the Sesame Street book b/c I LOVE Sesame Street and normally spend most my hospital time watching YouTube clips of Sesame Street.

I will take photos of those pages I've colored and post them eventually, maybe.

Here is a shot of all four books (the princess one is hiding):
And here is the gorgeous (fake) plant they brought me. Everyone who comes into my room comments on this thing and thinks it is real. It's that pretty. :-)
Tomorrow: Maybe I'll post those photos I took of the BEST care package ever ;-)


Lauren said...

Hooray for coloring books! I sometimes take those to the hospital with me too.

I hope you're out of there soon and can enjoy other things.

(a CF friend)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than coloring! It's relaxing and great to do when you just need to be busy. Those are some fun ones, too. Have you tried Crayola's coloring book crayons...they twist up inside a plactic casing and stay pretty sharp so you can get in the tiny little areas. We (heart) those!


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