Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maybe the last entry for tonight? You know you love them...

But this one is sad.

I sit here oblivious day after day because I don't like the angle that the TV is at... so I don't watch the news. And tonight my mom called at 10pm - something VERY strange for her. I knew it was her because she's the only one with the room phone number. And she's not usually awake at 10 - where did you think I inherited my sleeping habits from?

Anyways, my mother tells me that one of the UW helicopters crashed last night and to turn on the news. My NA was here and she said she could tell me more about it - and she did.

The doctor, pilot, and nurse on board were all killed. This was the first crash in the 23-year history of the med flight program at UW. My NA knew the doc personally, and his wife is also an ER doc, and they have two small children and she is now a widow.

Please take a second and include these people in your thoughts and prayers. I heard that helicopter take off last night. I remember it, because I said something about it to my brother.


Chris S. said...

OMG... that's so tragic!

Anonymous said...

That is sad. There was a crash about a year ago, maybe a little less, where a transplant team from MI crashed just off of the Milwaukee shoreline. They had just harvested organs for transplant. I was deeply saddened by the whole thing. This, too, makes me sad. I'll add the families of the victims to my prayers.


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