Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reason One Million and Thirty-Five Why I Love My Father

He has written me another parody song. He is a brilliant man. And again, I have no idea how to find anyone to date who will be as cool as my dad.

Here's the song (To the tune of Gene Autry's "Back In The Saddle Again."):

I'm back in the hospital again

Couldn't get me a room
So I camped in the lounge
Found me some meds
But the pole had to scrounge

I'm back in the hospital again

Got some crud in my lungs
So need some therapy
Just hope they don't screw up
And put me is jeopardy

I'm back in the hospital again

Got get on my feet
Be be as good as I can be
Got to get stronger soon
So I can go see Italy

I'm back in the hospital again

Got the walk comin up pretty soon
Gotta make some dough for the the cause
Gotta fight CF and help out research
Hope to fix those old gene flaws

I don't wanna be
back in the hospital again

I love it more than words can express - and yeah, that was a part I forgot to mention - they had a hard time finding an IV pole for me. They had the pump, the med and the fluid, but couldn't find a pole. I love this place.

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