Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hospital Day 12

Today I got to page 1 of

Yay for me. Now I plan on composing a well-written email to Heather Armstrong about blogging and writing a book and how she did it. My problem is I'm on a very small income - focus on VERY small and the government doesn't allow me to work to earn more. Long story, something I won't blog about in detail.

But anyways, I need to figure out how to get my message to more people. To get the numbers on this site higher. To get published. To write a column or help edit things or do something else I'm wildly unqualified for.

Today the girl across the hall came in (and I think she'll be back, but I'm going to have company, so she should avoid me, which will be good). Anyways, she came in and every time she comes in I tell her she needs to be on oxygen. There are many reasons I see this. Many reasons I keep telling her. She is confused and her speech slurred and gasping for breath and she's clumsy - and those are signs of needing oxygen. I told her nurse this, and I guess her nurse has been telling her this for awhile. So I'm not the only one with a brain around here.

Is there some reason the docs won't listen to the nurses??? Because in this instance, I believe they should. Well, in almost every single case I think the doctors should listen to the people who have contact with the patient throughout the day. And they don't because that would make too much sense.

Now here is where I rant about dating again.

All my best friends are coupled. Wait... no, all but one and she doesn't really have any interest in dating - she's complicated, but I love her anyways. But my point is, everyone is dating. Great. So one of my friends is setting up a double date for someone else we know and I want to go, but guess what? I can't. I'm the odd-numbered wheel.

I can't wait for Rachel to get here. She's bringing Jon, but he'll just have to endure the girl talk because it WILL happen.

I have this feeling that I really want to be dating someone, but as long as it isn't complicated or hard work or confusing, and as long as he's not dumb. And from what I've observed with my friends, boys are dumb. Maybe I'm better off on my own. I will be the odd-numbered wheel who is ambitious and going to get her message out to the world.

I'm too strong and independent to be in a co-dependent situation, maybe.

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