Monday, May 19, 2008

Living in the Real World

So I was talking to a guy friend online (not Keaton... I have other guy friends) and he was saying that he's not too happy that he graduated because the real world doesn't look too fun. I said, "It's not."

And I continued to explain that I've lived in the "real world" and dealt with "adult decisions" since I was about 12. So if the average person graduates at 22, and then starts living in the "real world," and I've been living there since 12, that would make me about the age of 34.

and he replied, "I don't think you'll ever live in the real world carla. you so cwazy."

And it made me laugh. Because maybe I do live in my own little made up world, but I like it in CarlaLand, and you're welcome to come visit anytime. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I rule.

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