Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More comments. (Seriously, Aren't you tired of being bashed by my friends by now?)

Some people may not understand why I let the Anonymous Carla Basher keep bashing. Why? Because it's really fun for me. This time, he/she/it quoted.... wait for it.... no keep waiting, this is good.... he/she/it quoted HANNAH MONTANA. Right. See you laughed along with me.

How old is this kid???

"In the words of Hannah Montana: "Life's what you make it."

Lets see how many more conditions you can list... The pity factor is rising and rising. Maybe you should just tell us about dancing and singing and happiness instead of complaints and sadness. You are the one making your life seem so bad. If you would just stop looking at all the negativity and focusing on all of the bad, then it would not be so irritating. "

If I irritate you, stop reading. How many times have I said that??? Quite a few. But now, this amuses me. The online fights with people who don't know me and just judge me by what I write really amuse me.

I'm pretty sure this blog isn't as negative as that person sees it. I'm pretty sure, since I AM the one writing it. I'm pretty sure there is sarcasm behind most of what I write. Pretty sure, because I wrote it. I'm pretty sure the person who picks fights with me online and quotes HANNAH MONTANA - the Queen of 9-year-olds, may just be a 13-year-old with some issues.

Who quotes Hannah Montana and expects to be taken seriously???

I secretly LOVE the anonymous basher, because without him/her/it, what would I have to make fun of several times a day???

Ooo look!

"The way I look at it, she complains allll the time. I have seen 6 year olds deal better with life than she has. It's not impressive. At all."

I got this one, too, and I'm not sure if it's from Anonymous Carla Basher, because Anonymous Carla Basher already commented on this one, but maybe he/she/it was replying to Chris' comment. I'll look into it... because I might go mad from happiness if I have ANOTHER stupid basher... oh man, I don't think I could handle the fun. Seriously. I will type entry after entry of complaints just to see them flip their lids. I'll make complaints up just to see them freak out! Wow.

Also, when was the last time a 6-year-old *yes, please do it correctly,* had to worry about anything other than coloring? Really? Is being a six-year-old that hard? Because I remember being six, and my one goal in life was to sit at the arts and crafts table during centers.

Oh, sadly, I think it's the same person. Anonymous Carla Basher strikes again. Everyone else is great.

Thanks Amanda for the recipe, I'll try it if the doc can't help me tomorrow. :-)

And maybe we should all listen to a little more Hannah Montana and then we can be just like her, and have the Best of Both Worlds!!! YEAH!

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Anonymous said...

Hannah Montana is awesome and I am too old to be saying that. Haha.

-not the "anonymous basher"

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