Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Magical Night

Last night was the Dance Benefit for my Great Strides Team - it was so amazing. I didn't feel amazing, but it was amazing. We raised more than I had hoped - well, honestly I had no idea how much something like this would raise - but it was awesome.

I got ready early in the afternoon and used all the energy I had. Every ounce of energy I had left was spent on last night - getting ready for it and being there. I wore a pretty dress and pearls. My hair took longer than I wanted, but it was good. My makeup looked surprisingly good - I usually don't wear that much makeup, except for Showcase. But this was special and I wanted to look good in the photos - especially since I plan to put together a montage of them.

I only got to dance 4 dances - two were the samba line dance, which is always fun. I danced the foxtrot with Brent, and a little merengue with Lin. Thanks for helping me dance when I really didn't feel like I could do it.

Thank you so much to everyone involved. Brent for doing so much - it never would have happened if you hadn't asked the council and pushed it. The council for saying 'sure', and for all my friends for showing up and making it fun for me even though I couldn't do much.

One of my favorite moments was seeing my friends carry all my crap from one area to another - and the image of Eric carrying my giant purse if forever burned in my brain now. Does it look that ridiculous when I carry it? Because I'm pretty sure it was more Eric's size that made the purse look bigger than it should, not that the purse is absurdly large.

I loved watching my friends hang the Great Strides banner on the stage. What an engineering feat!

It was all magical and surprising that so many people care. Sometimes you just have to remember how many people care.

Thank you everyone for my magical night of fund raising!!!

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