Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hospital Day 6

Last night: My IV leaked all over my bed, and it was 10:30 at night and I just wanted to go to sleep. I called and called for someone to come change the sheets so I could sleep, but no one came. So I did it my self. right. Made me a happy camper to change the bed while I had the flu.

I slept in late, late, late today. And I'm eating more normal and back to the torture of the hypertonic saline (I hate how much it makes me cough, but it does clear out my lungs... so it's good for me, so I do it).

Mom washed me today. Yes, I got a bed bath from my mother. I was too weak to shower and thought the smell of dirty gerbil cage might make me throw up again, so Mom helped me get cleaned up.

Then we went for a walk to the patio, and then through the old children's clinic. I may go through there again tomorrow to take a picture of my favorite toy from when I was little. It was still there, and Mom wouldn't let me drag it back to my room. How sad.

Mom and I went to the 8th floor to see what was going on with the helicopters - and one came out and got ready to fly just as we got there. It was there just for me! We watched it take off, and then came back to my room.

It feels good to be up and about a little and doing a little better.

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